Nation IN Alcohol-Related Auto Accidents

Texas leads the nation in alcohol-related accidents. State roads seem to have died from traffic. The traffic fatalities calendar in 2014, prepared by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), shows no dead on Texas Avenue. It is a source of concern for many residents of the Lone Star State.

Law enforcement testing failed.

Over the years, citizens have been aggressive to do concentrated DYE (drunk driving) and DUI (driving influence laws). For example, during the 2012 legislature, MPs died prior to their death. To the valance table, all of which have the following suggestions:

The postponement of the design process, which would allow the first criminals to negotiate drug prices instead of spending time in prison.
The second permanent Permanent Dismissal will apply to the criminal driving license forever.
Design of obedience books to imprisonment in police forces.
The tracking design requires that all criminals wear bracelets or other tracking devices for 60 days after the event.
The only law related to the DYE that will take place in 2012 is the Abdallah Khader law. The name of the person who was drunk by drunk in the year For 2 years, this movement has sometimes disappeared from a maximum of 10 years to 20 years. It also increased the maximum six penalties within six months.

Know Your Texas Edge

In Texas and throughout the country, drivers who have a blood alcohol content of more than 0.8 or higher are subject to legal limits for driving. Police are conducting alcohol testing tests in locations where BACs are set. Anyone can avoid drunk driving incidents by assessing their personal limits before climbing behind the wheel. The BAC calculator provided by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation is a BAC estimator that determines the amount of beverages consumed for body weight, gender, time, and personal limits.

The death of a car can be prevented. But thousands of criminals still violate the law and harm others. Of course, every death is important. But the turbulent situation is a significant difference between the Texas death rate and the proportion of other states. In 2011, 2,998 people died in Texas. In contrast, 66 Rhode Island died and 54 Alaska died. In the same year

Texas penalty

How can we explain this dreadful death rate? According to TxDOT, riders or passengers attached to open containers will be fined $ 500 algebra up to $ 10,000 when a child is on the car. In these cases, the driver was sentenced to 2 years in prison.

The first time a jail time of between 3 to 180 days is up to $ 2,000 a second, the offender is in jail for one year and pays up to $ 4,000 a month. The third offender can be imprisoned for up to 10 years and pay $ 10,000.

While these penalties were severely distorted, drunken riders in Rhode Island and Alaska, which had a much lower annual death rate, were flat compared to their punishment.

Rhode Island and Alaska Penalties

Rhode Island Attorney Peter Kilmer Martin wants Armenian drunk driving. “The strongest country,” said Kilmartin. Accidental car and truck fatalities have resulted in up to 30 years imprisonment, up to $ 20,000 in fines and up to 10 years in revocation. Kilmartin “severe punishment” reduced the number of deaths. But even death is too much. ”

For the first time in the Alaska DUI, according to the State Department, fines and fines are approximately $ 24,000, which includes the cost of a 12-month mandatory contact locking device and a final permit fee for a $ 10,000 replacement lawyer fee. And other court costs also contributed to this surprising price tag.

Texas Missed Driving Summit

Hundreds of people gathered at the Summit to drive peacefully in Texas in November 2014, and exchanged comments on Texas drunk driving. Speaker Michael Scott, Managing Director of TxDOT John Barton And director of problem-focused treatment centers. Participants are involved with the development or lack of a state and have announced a new approach to solving problems in the state of Texas.

Limit down

The solution proposed by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is a light of hope in 2014. The NTSB says all states have reduced the BAC legal limit from $ 0.08 to $ 0.05. However, members of the US entertainment industry are in conflict. Sarah Longwell, director of the American Beverage Institute, said NTSB’s proposal would “criminalize the perfect behavior without serious consequences.”

Even evidence of Longwell evidence suggests that the lower limit will reduce death. For example, in Australia DW

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